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Wolf Press

About Us

Wolf Press is a collective of authors and literary professionals providing mutual aid in the form of support, advice and a common marketing platform. Each member has an equal say in the business of the imprint.

We’re a new kind of publishers: all too often authors’ views and rights are overlooked in the business of publishing, but we believe in an equal partnership between creativity and production. Finding, editing, printing and promoting the right books is hard work, but we depend on the authors just as much as the authors require our support. That’s why we’re a collective: every individual in the team has a voice that is listened to and respected.

With the Wolf Press imprint we intend to explore the world through the medium of books—both as it is, and is it could be.

We’re critical publishers: yes, we like high-quality writing and presentation—who doesn’t?—but above all we’re interested in supporting writers who have a political message to share about our society.

The key values of Wolf Press are freedom of self-expression and mutual aid.

Contact us: web_wolf [at-sign] wolfpress  [dot] co  [dot] uk