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Wolf Press


Ebooks (epub and Kindle)

Ebooks of our titles are available at the usual online outlets.

Printed books

Of course our books are available at Amazon, but why not try your local bookshop (if they have difficulties ordering it then give them the details of our distributor: AK Distribution, or refer them to this page).

Or you could order online from Active and AK Distribution.

Trade orders

For trade orders please contact AK Distribution.

AK Distribution
Tel: 0131 555 5165
Fax: 0131 555 5215

Leave Feedback—spread the word

If you enjoy our books please do help to spread the word! Talk to your friends and colleagues about them, mention them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads ... it's surprising how much a bit of social media helps shift copies, which helps us cover our printing costs and publish more books—thanks.

Contact us: web_wolf [at-sign] wolfpress  [dot] co  [dot] uk